Appraiser Benefits



VTS rates are not only competitive, you can count on them to be consistent year-round. We never lower our base rates when the market slows down.



No onboarding fees. No portal fees. No upload fees. When you work with an appraiser-friendly management company like VTS, what you see is what you get.



Don’t wait 30, 60 or even 90 days to get paid. You did the work. You earned the money. Get your paycheck twice a month like every other hard working American.



Our Portal is simple and straightforward with no complicated software, extra steps, or automated reviews. Accept, update, and upload your report all from one screen.



Working with an AMC means no more angry customers or pressure to “hit” value. Working with VTS means you also get full support from a friendly, knowledgeable staff and review appraisers.



Are you performing like a rock star but not being treated like one? After ensuring geographical competency, we give priority to our highest performing appraisers.

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What Our Appraisers

Are Saying

All of you are amazing to work with and are such a friendly, respectful group of individuals. VTS really is the appraiser’s AMC and each employee demonstrates this on a daily basis. Thank you! I’m truly blessed!”

Lois U., Certified Panel Appraiser

Glendale, AZ

I’ve worked with roughly 30 AMCs over the years. You guys are the best, by miles! Thank you for the business.

Scott U., Certified Appraiser

Glendale, AZ

I deal with a lot of AMC companies and VTS is by far the best company to work for!  VTS respects their appraisers, clients, and their commitments, allowing everyone to produce their best work.

Cindy F., Certified Panel Appraiser

Rio Rancho, NM

I started working with VTS about a year ago and couldn’t be happier. They ALWAYS treat me with the upmost respect. I feel like I am part of a team of amazing people!!!

Michele M., Certified Panel Appraiser

Fort Collins, CO

Unlike some AMC’s, uploading your report to the Value Trend website is easy and only takes approximately 2 clicks.

Nancy V., Certified Panel Appraiser

Maple Grove, MN | VTS

VTS’ fees are competitive and the payment is prompt.  The VTS staff are professional and accommodating when unexpected issues arise.

Jill G., Certified Panel Appraiser

Denver, CO

VTS has a professional staff that I enjoy working with and a great website that’s easy to use.  I recommend VTS to any appraiser looking to expand their client list.

Chris J. Certified Panel Appraiser

Plymouth, MN

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